Absența by Mara Mărăcinescu | SEMI SILENT


Mara Mărăcinescu
Ce momente sunt păstrate pentru viitor ?

(4'13", septembrie 2017)

Absence is an autobiographical sound piece, a reflection on the recorded past and my relationship with my parents, while one of them is away from home. A starting point in a discussion about the choices that we make when we decide what moments we want to keep for the future.


Piece created for the sound writing workshop directed by Charo Calvo organized within HER VOICE project, September 2017.

Mara Mărăcinescu dedicates herself to sound, working as film and television editor, and as an artist she documents the sounds of her hometown. She started field recording in 2009 and since then she has been collecting the sounds of Bucharest and those of her friends. She is interested in acoustic ecology and supports active listening.

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