Anna de Sonia Pastecchia & Charo Calvo - SEMI SILENT


Sonia Pastecchia & Charo Calvo
Radio drama based on the novel ‘Anna’ by Madelaine Bourdouxhe

She lives with her violent man in a gas station situated in a provincial road. It is a summer day. As usual she cooks and cleans and listen to her husband small talk and to the cars passing by. In the mean time, her thoughts take flight out of that painful routine, a way of surviving. By the time a storm breaks, she does not feel anymore the difference between reality and fantasy, till her husband punch to the face brings her back to normal.


Radio drama, 37 min
By Sonia Pastecchia and Charo Calvo
Based on the novel ‘Anna’ by Madelaine Bourdouxhe
Adaptation novel, voice Anna, direction : Sonia Pastecchia
Composition and sound design: Charo Calvo
Produced by ACSR Brussels and FACR, Wallonie Bruxelles

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