Apophenia (binaural) by dyslex | SEMI SILENT

Apophenia (binaural)

A surreal walk in a haunted? forest

(41'07", January 2019)

The material you are about to hear is an immersive acoustic experience containing footage from and around HOIA BACIU forest. It focuses on the POIANA ROTUNDĂ area, labelled as the nexus for series of events, often depicted as peculiar.
Six audio segments carefully selected: details of all sorts; tactile illusions; collages; arrangements or unprocessed sound, mixed together. Some brutal, some seamless, blending the raw with the subjective.
Six segments created from multiple time frames, that may be played in any order of your choosing. Around 65 minutes for you to browse, imagine, experience, find or tell a story, be immersed in a memory view of the forest.
It all began with a rumor; stories followed. People started sharing experiences and remembering things long forgotten. Claims of disappearances and unexpected returns. Some experience rashes, while others find themselves kicked to the ground by invisible forces.
They talked about aliens, abductions and galloping shadows from the medieval corners of history.
Cell phone batteries experience sudden loss of signal or just die, while cameras and other electronic equipment experience technical difficulties.
Bits and pieces; collected, remembered and rearranged or woven into barely decodable patterns, chunks of information set in specific forms, making up multiple narratives.
All these phenomena and more build the aura of a distinct environment; one that cannot be fully explained; is it real? does it matter? Rooted in reality, it generates series of stories; some good, some bad; some ignorable, while others triggering a thirst for wonder that can be quenched only by experiencing THAT; or at least something similar. And to do so, you need the ENVIRONMENT.
You can now experience it. As a frame that allows you to choose what details to ignore or to focus on. Real or imaginary, the source of these alleged stories is available.

This particular version is created from 5 of the 6 fragments, arranged into one single continuous track.

Create your version of the story using all the separate tracks here.


dyslex [also spelled d s l x] is a sound art / noise / experimental sound project started in 2003 by gHeorghe iosif.

Best described as chromesthesia; unstable equilibrium; sound harnessing/harvesting; real-time structural entwinement manipulation, pushing the boundaries of space-sound ratio; sound immersion; chaos induc[ing/ed] unpredictability; contradiction; expanding structures of granular synthetic post-silence; [inter/intra]-structural [a]symmetric[al] sound deconstruction;


Sound piece recorded, created, mixed and produced by dyslex [ d s l x ]
organised by Asociația Jumătatea plină for SEMI SILENT
Cluj, Romania

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