Bălcești. Morning (binaural) by Maria Balabaș | SEMI SILENT

Bălcești. Morning (binaural)

Maria Balabaș
Countertheme to reality

(9'49", July 2018)

7am. Driving Mara to the bus stop in Bălcești. She starts a binaural recording. I continue and develop the exercise. The piece follows our movements and reactions to the surroundings, the story of a dream I had, the immediate encounters.


Sound piece created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT to Conacul Otetelișanu, Vâlcea County, Romania in July 2018.


Maria Balabaș is a journalist and musician. She is the host of the Dimineața crossover show (Morning Crossover) from Radio România Cultural and has created projects devoted to new forms of radio creation (Generația sonoră/Sound Generation). In 2014 she was nominated for Prix Europa (Berlin) for the documentary Maria Tănase – Urban Soundtrack for a Diva. She initiated musical groups such as Avant’n’Gard and Soare Staniol, inspired by improvisational techniques, electronic music, acoustic music. Creates installations generated by the artistic interest in the form of field-specific auditory memory.


Recording, editing and mixing by Maria Balabaș for SEMI SILENT

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