Bucharest Sketches by Toni Dimitrov | SEMI SILENT

Bucharest Sketches

Toni Dimitrov
A report on a short trip

(34'08", April 2020)

Bucharest Sketches is the fifth in the series of field recordings albums by Toni Dimitrov dedicated to a city. After the field recordings from Athens (released on Green Field Recordings), Milan and Ioannina (released on Auriculab), and Belgrade (released on Silber Records), this time the sketches are recorded in Bucharest during the stay in Romania for a field recording residency in the Danube Delta, Sonic Future Residencies, in the summer of 2019. You can hear the Bucharest streets, parks, the noise from the rain, fountains, interweaving subtly, blurring the line between field recording and sound art. Released on Green Field Recordings.


Photo: Toni Dimitrov, 2019


Toni Dimitrov is sound artist, field recordist and radio activist based in Skopje, Macedonia. Working in the field of sound have been curving his way into the new experimental music scene with his solo engagement, but also with lots of collaborative releases with various projects and under various names such as post global trio, post global duo, Sound_00/Lefterna (with Boban Ristevski), Hunter/Gatherer (with Ingman Wannerberg), Private Mountain (with Dimitar Dodovski), also many collaborations with artists like DR, Dmitri Zherbin, Jared Sagar, Rhucle, releasing countless releases on many labels around the world like Sonospace, Lagersaette, Winter light, Attenuation circuit, AOsmosis, Auriculab, Green Field… Exploring the dynamics of minimum vs. maximum, in terms and meanings of noise vs. drone, he is searching his own way of merging electronic sound and pure field recordings in certain styles of music, such as ambient and long-form drone explorations. His sound art and radio art productions have been broadcasted at various radios around the world and presented live or as sound installations.
His radio programs on radio Kanal 103 are dedicated to contemporary electronic music and political discourse. The program ‘post global: conceptual program for new music’ broadcasts for 18 years, is dedicated to contemporary electronic music, soundscape and field recordings. He is participating in RADIA network and AMARC international network. He curates the label post global recordings and élan vital recordings releasing ambient soundscape sound and organizing sound/art events.
He curates and organizes Soundscape workshops. Aside from many other activities during the years, his recent professional engagements are on projects related to political analysis of media in the Institute of Communications and the Agency for Audio and Audio-Visual Services.


Recording, editing and mixing by Toni Dimitrov.


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