Dinspre by Laurențiu Coțac | SEMI SILENT


Laurențiu Coțac
A focus on the inwardness of sound 1/2

(9'58", October 2019)

Dinspre is about the harshness and loneliness of these remote locations I’ve visited, it collects a bit of something which most people seem to be running away from at the end of the day. I’ve spend time observing sonic gestures and tonal imprints of various places in the outskirts of Iași, from cellars, yards, highways, open fields, bridges, to construction sites, abandoned warehouses and industrial plants etc. Big cities will always change their limits but they’ll be outlined and fragmented by something mechanistic.

Dinspre is the first part of a composition representing an intimate study of the peripheral and the insular, the open and confined, the controlled and the impromptu.
The composition has to be played back a little under loud.


Sound composition created during SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT in Iași, Romania in May 2019.


Photo: Florin Bobu, 2019


Laurențiu Coțac is a musician and sound recordist living and working in Bucharest.


Recorded, edited and mixed by Laurențiu Coțac for SEMI SILENT

  1. empty-01
  2. mute-02