Drip Drop by Simina Oprescu | SEMI SILENT

Drip Drop

Simina Oprescu
Œuvre for the rain

(4'11", July 2018)

Drip drop it starts. Drip drep continues. Can you imagine a rain without the rain only made with our mouth? It began like this and went even further. Metamorphoses in a personal storm with thunders like bells running in memories of old rains from other days, how it felt the rain and water then? The dynamic of the water is felt in the flow and rapidity of chosen sounds to be composed. Engage a journey of personal waters that evolve in a feeling.


Sound piece created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCE organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT to Conacul Otetelișanu, Vâlcea County, Romania in July 2018.
Simina Oprescu is composing since 2012, interested in the possibilities of sound’s integration in the visual mediums and the capacity of sound to change radically the understanding of the image: „In the Beginning was the Sound”. Simina studied photography and video art at the Arts University in Bucharest and one year in the electroacoustic composition department at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium.

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