Gate 3 by Miron Ghiu | SEMI SILENT

Gate 3

Miron Ghiu
An afternoon visit to Constanța shipyard

(9'09", September 2018)

I visited gate 3 of the Constanța shipyard on a Friday afternoon, taking on as „stalker” the local poet Yigru Zeltil, hence the abundance of steps on the recording. I did not catch a lot of interesting sounds with my DR-05 Tascam equipped with wind protection, except for a freight train that most likely carried cocaine, several types of trucks loading and unloading, plus a special crane sorting and otherwise handling scrap metal. When I approached the crane in order to better record the metal sound on metal, Kraftwerk style, there came some sort of guard who explained to me, in English, that „this is private property”, „please delete”… even though I tried to tell him I do not do industrial espionage. Following, come the other gates, even if access is difficult and you are asked for ID at the entrance. I see this trip soundtrack as a form of escape into industrial sounds, which you hear a lot of in my musical project, Nava Spațială. Over and out.
Miron Ghiu (b. 1980) studied philosophy and, for some years now, he is a freelance journalist for various media outlets and a sound designer and DJ. He’s mad about music, passionate about technology and tends to use all kinds of media in his works. He’s a trans-humanist and he loves robots as much as humans, waiting for the technological singularity to come. Politically speaking, Miron Ghiu is an anarchist.


„Gate 3. An afternoon visit to Constanța shipyard” is recorded, edited, and mixed by Miron Ghiu.

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