Idyll by Zsolt Sütő | SEMI SILENT


Zsolt Sütő
And the glitch in the system

(6'09", July 2018)

Sound piece created by tweaking recordings containing the Romanian countryside’ sounds around the Conacul Otetelișanu, a skylark, some other birds, a pheasant, dogs, geese, sounds of my steps, the wind in the trees by the lake, the bell next to the church and me whistling a song  written by Istvan Sky. There’s a glitch in/for every idyll.


Sound piece created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT to Conacul Otetelișanu, Vâlcea County, Romania in July 2018.

Zsolt Sütő is a poet, photographer, sound artist, DJ and meditation instructor. Born in Transylvania, he studied for a few years psychology and humane ecology in Budapest then immersed himself in the study and practice of meditation, yoga and sound healing methods. Passionate about the world of sounds and acoustic ecology, sound art and especially the art of beneficial/healing sounds, he’s creating at the border of silence and noise, meditation and sounds, mindfulness and soundfulness, visible and invisible, material and immaterial/spiritual.


Recording, editing and mixing by Zsolt Sütő for SEMI SILENT

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