Înspre by Laurențiu Coțac | SEMI SILENT


Laurențiu Coțac
A focus on the inwardness of sound 2/2

(11'12'', October 2019)

Înspre is a musical composition which evolved slowly during the making of Dinspre. It took quite a while to write and perform, but it’s rare to prepare and experiment with a bunch of instruments, all available from a local music high school. It’s about things collapsing around us and then growing back up. An existential piece.

Înspre is the second part of a composition representing an intimate study of the peripheral and the insular, the open and confined, the controlled and the impromptu.
The composition has to be played back a little under loud.


Musical composition created during SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT in Iași, Romania in May 2019.


Photo: Florin Bobu, 2019


Laurențiu Coțac is a musician and sound recordist living and working in Bucharest.


Recorded, edited and mixed by Laurențiu Coțac for SEMI SILENT

  1. empty-01
  2. mute-02