O pungă de roșii stricate și o pungă de cartofi stricați de Simina Oprescu | SEMI SILENT

O pungă de roșii stricate și o pungă de cartofi stricați

Simina Oprescu
O dramă familială în vremuri de opresie

(5'38'', 2017)

An employee from the castle said: „Hurry up, they are coming! Gather all your belongings and run!” By the time they exit the door, they were caught on the stairs by the communists. It was a scam. They took all their suitcases with valuable things and given a part of their amusement two bags, 1 kg of rotten tomatoes and 1 kg of rotten potatoes. Countesse Mocioni and her son, Bubi. They were dragged and forced to work in Sântuhalm, Hunedoara Department, Romania. It was February 1949. Bubi was beaten drastically only in his head, and went to a coma. He learnt to speak again one year later, at the age of 29.


Piece created for the sound writing workshop directed by Charo Calvo organized within HER VOICE project, September 2017.
Simina Oprescu is composing since 2012, interested in the possibilities of sound’s integration in the visual mediums and the capacity of sound to change radically the understanding of the image: „In the Beginning was the Sound”. Simina studied photography and video art at the Arts University in Bucharest and one year in the electroacoustic composition department at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium.

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