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Qualia (English version)

Charo Calvo
Five women, several languages

(44"25', 2017)

Five women artists living in Brussels; all raised in several languages; each one from a different cultural background. They tell, in their mother tongue, a vital moment, an intense sensorial experience, that left a physical imprint. One of them is not telling the truth though. How to transmit those experiences only through language when their words are translated, albeit ‘properly’ by another woman?

Qualia questions the body/mind problem, the impossibility of sharing with others the exact perception of a color, of the temperature of a hand or the taste of wine. Qualia questions the use of sound in storytelling, it’s power to reach the subconscious, it’s power to provoke physical reactions and to trigger mental images. Do you see what I mean?


Voice and texts: Kitty Crowther, Zahava Seewald, Meryam Bayram, Sonia Pastecchia, Charo Calvo.

Translation and english voice: Caroline Daish Recordings: Charo Calvo, Bastien Hidalgo Mastering: Bastien Hidalgo
Studio: Acsr and author’s studio.

Produced by ABC Soundproof Australia, with support of ACSR Belgium and FACR de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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