SONG OF THE SIRENS for Art's Birthday, live at Euroradio | SEMI SILENT

SONG OF THE SIRENS for Art’s Birthday, live at Euroradio

recorded performance
A performance by/with Diana Miron, Carmen Coțofană, Maria Balabaș, Bogdana Dima

(24'36", 17 ianuarie 2018)

Ulysses chose to „listen” to the sirens, therefore creating the possibility of being simultaneously active and attentive. A monstrous, overwhelming nature promised him the voices of all women past and those to come, the voices of mothers and daughters, voices of killers, women enemies hiding in the darkness of the unknown. The song of the sirens over the sea was meant to accompany Ulysses towards his death, and he wanted to hear it all. Voice understood as a medium for profound communication, as an expressive instrument, and as possibility for common resonance.


SONG OF THE SIRENS is part of the project HER VOICE, a project exploring women’s voice through sound, sound art, performance and artist status inquiries. HER VOICE is initiated by Anamaria Pravicencu (Jumătatea plină, Sâmbăta sonoră, SEMI SILENT) has received the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.


LIVE at Euroradio Ars Acustica on the 17th of January 2018, powered by the European Broadcasting Union and Radio România Cultural.

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