The House of Horses by Michal Kindernay | SEMI SILENT

The House of Horses

Michal Kindernay
From “Inverted Houses”

(5'51", December 2019)

In little poor but picturesque village between canals, the ancient forest and the sea – Letea, the animals are the main and most common inhabitants. Because of constant depopulation, disappearing of traditional living, jobs and consequences of climate change, the village is changing dramatically, many buildings lost their carers and are neglected, abandoned. Now, the animals take over the people’s dwellings. Listen to the sound image of a house inhabited by horses.

This composition is part of the series “Inverted Houses” – field recordings from many abandoned sheds, cottages and buildings in Letea.


Sound composition created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT in Letea Village, Tulcea County, Romania in June-July 2019.


Photo: Michal Kindernay, 2019


Michal Kindernay is an intermedia and sound artist, curator, performer and lecturer. His audio-visual installations interconnect art, technology and science. He reflects ecological issues through various technological approaches in relation to nature environment. His works include video performances, interactive installations or experimental documentary projects or sound compositions. He is one of the founders or yo-yo nonprofit culture organization, RurArtMap project and he was part of Školská 28 gallery collective in Prague. As organizer or artist he was involved in many international projects. He works and lives in Prague.


Recording, editing and mixing by Michal Kindernay for SEMI SILENT.

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