Twin Sounds by Sara Lana | SEMI SILENT

Twin Sounds

Sara Lana
One sound can hide another

(4'00", July 2018)

Cars pass at high speed through a village and overlap with lives lived alongside the roads of Romania. Like waves, the noise of engines invades the sound space and transports us from one house to another. At each passage, a previously imperceptible sound is revealed.
This sound experience prompts a listening proposition: One sound can hide another; but could a sound contain, in itself, another sound? Can completely different objects and actions generate identical sounds?
The search for twin sounds and the discovery of spontaneous “morphings” in the recordings made during my road trips are the threads of this sound creation.


Sound piece created during the SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES organized by Asociația Jumătatea plină and SEMI SILENT to Conacul Otetelișanu, Vâlcea County, Romania in July 2018.
Sara Lana, sound artist from Brazil, had her academic career traced in mathematics, coding and engineering schools. Since 2007 she develops projects permeated by sound, art and technology. Her work is oriented to the research and development of gadgets for technological empowerment, experimenting with different approaches to digital interfaces and analog devices. She lives in Sao Paulo and participated, as a resident artist, in several programs, among them Tsonami sound art festival residency. „Matilha”, one of her recent works, is a multi-channel radio using walkies-talkies to transmit, in real time, sounds captured by street dogs. Her binaural piece „Mutt Dogs” created together with Félix Blume and produced by Arte Radio was nominated to Phonurgia Nova Award in 2018.


Recording, editing and mixing by Sara Lana for SEMI SILENT

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