Orango by Manja Ristić | SEMI SILENT


Manja Ristić
A poem by Cosmina Moroșan (English, Serb-Croatian, Italian)

(8’05”, October 2020)

orango (Cosmina Moroșan)


We’re infecting bunkers
in the porn landscape.
The face halved by sunstroke is the other, more touching
in the joy beyond all.

They get fried in memories,
inventing a game is a must
(you are not at the edge of survival, but to you it seems everything
leads that way)
recollecting impressions
with the face of a pilot who’ll lose his head
‘cause the one-second landscape
is too lovely.

Everything is shattered in your eyes like
in the fires of a night fight.

Rainbows that shuffled crusaders,
as in the books, the character itself is its salvation,
the little girls are still laughing,
the boys assign jests to the plain.

A battle where no one won
under the Pleiades, pleiades of lights:
a great rebellion taking the city by surprise;
and a different fraction: while dropping chalices,
heavy with the longing for lunch
others caressed

the fool.


Translated from Romanian to English by Alexandra Găujan, and to Serb-Croatian by Manja Ristić.


Photo: Sorin Nainer


The piece is composed by Manja Ristić with a poem by Cosmina Moroșan in the frame of POLYPHONIC ECHOES, a project organized by Jumătatea plină for SEMI SILENT. Partners: Czech Center and the National Museum of Romanian Literature. With the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.




Manja Ristić (1979), born in Belgrade. Violinist, sound artist, published poet. Finished postgraduate studies at the RCM, London (2004). As a classical solo / chamber musician, composer and improvisational musician Manja performed across Europe and in the US. In her recent work, Manja is active in the field of instrumental electro–acoustics, soundscape composition, field recording & interdisciplinary sound related research. She is founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists „Auropolis“ (since 2004), that by her guidance developed distinctive number of cultural events, international projects and educational modules in the fields of contemporary scene and multimedia arts. She works and lives between the island of Korčula (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia). www.manjaristic.blogspot.com


Cosmina Moroșan (1989), born in Dorohoi, România, text/ performance. She works stubbornly-chaotic, in the shadow of some conceptual presence/ under the spell (-the white vapor from a dream-) of some voices of women writers, friends-authors and the serene echoes of others, „scooping” the life of its fears. 2017, Beatitudine (political essay), poetry, published by Nemira/ Performance at ODD, CNDB, Tranzit, Anca Poterașu.


All sounds (recorded, played, composed, edited) by Manja Ristić for SEMI SILENT

Voices: Manja Ristić, Jakov Vilović

Mixing: Mara Mărăcinescu

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