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SEMI SILENT, 2018. We started with sound pieces using field recordings in podcasts for a Bucharest sound ecology: the exploration/recording/transformation/transmission of urban intimate memories. Older pieces here, do just that!
Newer sound submissions though, make us want to leave the city and the documentary, get lost in illusion/fiction/drama, based just as well in field recording: forms that stimulate stories that transmit that listening state.
Of course, it’s just radio, our only medium to theorize and practice listening for space & story, remotely!



Otetelișanu Morning with Maria
Searching for sound (12'15", July 2018)
de Mara Mărăcinescu


Basement Overture
A ghost story (2'14'', July 2018)
de Anamaria Pravicencu


Poultry Market (binaural)
A Sunday tour in Craiova, Romania (6'10", July 2018)
de Anamaria Pravicencu


Horses Talk
Dii, Hai, O and other horse words (7'19", July 2018)
de Félix Blume