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SEMI SILENT, 2018. We started with sound pieces using field recordings in podcasts for a Bucharest sound ecology: the exploration/recording/transformation/transmission of urban intimate memories. Older pieces here, do just that!
Newer sound submissions though, make us want to leave the city and the documentary, get lost in illusion/fiction/drama, based just as well in field recording: forms that stimulate stories that transmit that listening state.
Of course, it’s just radio, our only medium to theorize and practice listening for space & story, remotely!



Santé (binaural)
The sounds from inside (6'26", 2018)
de Ana Teodora Popa


Gate 3
An afternoon visit to Constanța shipyard (9'09", September 2018)
de Miron Ghiu


Twin Sounds
One sound can hide another (4'00", July 2018)
de Sara Lana


Otetelișanu Morning with Maria
Searching for sound (12'15", July 2018)
de Mara Mărăcinescu