Obama Landing in Hiroshima by Lukatoyboy | SEMI SILENT

Obama Landing in Hiroshima

A Tour Day Off

(1h13m47s, May 2016)

It was back in 2016, spring, May, 27th, my first and so far only tour in Japan.
During some unscheduled days, I went to Hiroshima on the day when Barack Obama was visiting. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as the train from Tokyo arrived just some minutes before the helicopters appeared. I joined the crowds and start recording. Some hours later, I watched the actual speech from a small gas station on one of the river banks, surrounded by the members of the secret service. The gas station employee made some jokes to me about blowing it up… Perhaps I have this recorded, or not?


Photo: Lukatoyboy, 2016


Lukatoyboy is a musician, sound artist and educator from Belgrade based in Berlin. His current practice is based on performances dealing with networks, sound and narrative, using walkies talkies and site specific topics. Focused on the relation of chances and structures, he creates participatory works with suggested rules, questioning exclusivity and authority of an artist. Lukatoyboy is researching alternative methods of listening, using architecture and distance as tools for discovery, as well as approaches to live broadcast of interpretation.
He is performing music and sound (ab)using electroacoustic improvisation based on transmission, feedback and analogue synthesizers and, occasionally, he is stepping back into real-time sampling of various objects, toys, voices, and fields.


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